ADOBE Photoshop Elements 2018

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  • Compatible with Windows / MacOS
  • Photo editing: Edit images easily at home
  • Product key card
  • Full version

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Top features:

– Perfectly edit your photos at home

– Find your favourite photos with easy organization options

– Create slideshows, collages, image frames and more

Perfectly edit your photos

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 makes editing photos fun. From closed eyes to awkward smiles, group photos can be tweaked to perfection. Remove background haze from landscapes and your holiday snaps will be as stunning as you remember. Add stylish filters, arty touches, and other exciting effects to make your photos stand out on social media. Whether you’re making small edits or more complex changes, Elements can run you through the process with step-step tutorials.

Find your favourite photos

With loads of pictures in your folders, sometimes it can be a hassle to find what you’re looking for. Photoshop Elements organises photos by face, quality, location and more to make searching for your favourite pics a breeze. Add smart tags to group together photos – not only is this great for sorting pics, you can also edit multiple photos at the same time.

Create slideshows

It’s not just editing, Elements 2018 helps you create as well. Relive your holiday by the day with a fun slideshow, turn a selection of your family photos into a printable collage, or add a fun frame to brighten up an older snap. Whatever you make, you can easily share it on social media too.

Please note: This is a product key only. You will receive a product key and instructions on where to download your software. No disc is provided.

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